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[eltdf_section_title position=”” title_tag=”” title_separator=”yes” title=”Join Delaney Vineyards at GrapeFest!” text=”Delaney Vineyards will be participating in the Peoples Choice Wine Tasting Classic during GrapeFest and we hope you all will be able to join us! This year roundtrip transportation will be provided to Delaney Vineyards on Saturday with pick up/drop off scheduled for outside the North Gate of Main street from 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM.”]
[eltdf_image_with_text title_tag=”” image=”12165″ image_size=”300×200″ title=”GRAPESTOMP” text=”Channel your inner “I Love Lucy“ and come out to stomp some grapes on mainstreet!”]
[eltdf_image_with_text title_tag=”” image=”12162″ image_size=”300×200″ title=”LIVE MUSIC” text=”Great bands, great crowds, and great wine!”]
[eltdf_image_with_text title_tag=”” image=”12163″ image_size=”300×200″ title=”DELANEY WINE” text=”Delaney Vineyards will be offering specials for GrapeFest so be sure to swing by for a mini flight tasting or tour!”]