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Our History

from cotton fields to vineyards

late 1980's

along with a few others in the area our founder saw an opportunity with the Texas soil and began planting rows of vines in Lamesa, TX

welcome to Grapevine


to better market our wines, as Lamesa is a dry county, we began planting our 10 acres in Grapevine, TX - with no historical data on grape growing in this region we had to guess on the best grapes that would survive the hard clay soil, high humidity, and hot summers

memories made & lessons learned


Having little date we planted the typical vanifera grapes and saw the quality & quantity of our harvest go down as the grapes struggled to survive. Following the advice of international experts we then planted Southern Bred Hybrid - success!

hello world!


in the midst of planting in the early 1990's we began building our winery facility, a replica of an eighteenth century french chateau, and finally opened to the public in April of 1996

first bottling


our first bottling here was in the summer of 1997 and was a 1995 Grapevine cabernet Sauvignon

20 years celebrated


Delaney Vineyards has enjoyed watching the city grow and now participates in many of the winery/vineyard city events on a yearly basis