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The Delaney Merlot is a blend of 50% Chardonnay, 35% Muscat Canelli, and 15% Petit Verdot grapes grown at Delaney Vineyards in Lamesa. The grapes were piled around 23 Brix with enough acidity to keep a clean impression of freshness. The fruit aroma is derived from the Petit Verdot whereas body derives from the Chardonnay grapes. Comparable to the sunny French Province Rose this wine retains a residual sugar content of 3% and is enjoyed as a semi-sweet wine.

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Delaney Vineyards Merlot

2018 Merlot
Texas high Plains
Delaney Vineyards

Our Merlot was produced from grapes grown at the Delaney Vineyards in Lamesa Texas. This wine has a light color and medium body. It shows fruit aromas of black cherry and plumb with herbaceous notes of mint and clove. We think you’ll that the soft tannins and balanced acidity pair well with a variety of dishes. Please enjoy this wine with your favorite meal by itself, chilled on a warm summer day. Enjoy!

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